Delta-Cast – We know casting.

When faced with orthopedic trauma, optimal care is essential for the best healing possible. When it comes to broken bones or injured ligaments, Delta-Cast is the trusted partner. As the global market leader in Fracture Management, drawing on a strong brand heritage, Delta-Cast has a comprehensive and innovative portfolio to rely on.

Delta-Cast takes pride in supporting customers through service and training, providing knowledge and tools to overcome any casting challenge that comes their way.

Delta-Cast’s wide range of therapy solutions include:


  • Plaster of Paris – well-fitting, strong and durable casts for a traditional application.
  • Synthetic casting – designed with ease of application and patient comfort in mind.
  • Synthetic splinting – easy to handle and extremely versatile, these splinting systems meet the demands of modern users.
  • Alternative splinting – ground-breaking splinting system that can immobilize limbs in a fraction of the time compared to conventional splints or casts.
  • Padding & Stockinette – natural and synthetic undercast materials maximize patient comfort during the treatment with a cast.
  • Cast removal – durable saws that provide high cutting performance with low noise and vibration levels.
  • Casting accessories – from scissors to spreaders, additional adhesive padding and cast soles, a wide variety of accessories to aid technicians and patients. 

Synthetic Splinting

The easy to handle and extremely versatile splinting systems provide quick setting times and ultra-conformability. Available fiberglass and polyester, they fulfill the demands of modern users for f...

Synthetic Casting

Designed for ease of application and patient comfort in mind, synthetic casting materials come in fiberglass and polyester varieties. More durable casts, with high conformability, fast setting time...

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris allows well-fitting, strong and durable casts. The creamy texture provides a smooth surface for great wearing comfort. The cast technician benefits from easy application and short ...

Paddings & Stockinettes

Natural and synthetic undercast materials provide patient comfort during the treatment with a cast. Water repellent materials turn a synthetic cast into a water resistant one, padding protects bony...

Cast Removal

A broad range of extremely durable saws provide high cutting performance. Small, ergonomic and light, they emit very low noise and vibration levels.


From scissors, to spreaders, buckets and cast soles, a large variety of casting accessories will aid the cast technician as well as the patient all the way through treatment.