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Sports Medicine

Essity provides products for stability management in sports and veterinary medicine to joints. Our brands are used by physical therapists and athletic trainers in the U.S. extensively to provide stability to the joints, muscles and adjoining tissue to protect and prevent injuries. We offer a full range of products for athletic trainers - from the tapes and braces they need to prevent injuries, to those needed to treat injuries - from amateur to professional teams, we have something to cover all their needs, from bruises to breaks.

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Our extensive portfolio of leading therapeutic brands reflects the spirit of innovation to everything we do.
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Acute WoundCare

Whenever fast and efficient treatment of minor wounds is required, Leukoplast is the high-quality choice that combines reliability and ease of use to provide the best possible patient care.

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Fracture Management

Known for quality and easy application at treatment centers around the world, Delta-Cast offers highly innovative, cost-effective solutions for fractures, sprains, and all conditions requiring rigid or semi-rigid external immobilization.

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Braces & Supports

Medically engineered in collaboration with orthopedic specialists, Actimove provides an innovative range of braces and supports that are designed to help pain relief and provide patient comfort.

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Physiotherapy, Tapes & Bandages

Well known and used by healthcare professionals, Leukotape is recognized for its excellent quality, forming part of a broad portfolio of tapes and bandages.

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