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Lightplast® Pro
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Light support elastic bandage for all purpose taping and strapping of ankles, knees, wrists and hands. The unique fabric backing is made of a cotton/spandex blend which helps to conform to body movement. Moisture resistant, air permeable.
Caution: This product contains dry natural rubbber.


  • Consistent unwind and hard tear assures smoother, faster wrapping
  • Moisture-retention rubber adhesive securely holds bandage against sweat and rain
  • Air permeable to help prevent skin maceration
  • No-waste core allows use of entire roll
  • Conforming bandage provides comfortable, light an cool protection


  • Treatment of sprains and strains
  • Prophylactic use against sport injuries 
  • Retention of dressings

Please refer to the product label and / or package insert for full instructions on the safe use of these products.