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Want to keep moving? You have our support.

Staying active is important, no matter what your age. Whether you are running a marathon, recovering from an injury, overcoming daily arthritis or movement-related pain challenges, you can rely on Actimove to help with pain relief and provide you with the support you need.
Actimove prides itself on providing medically engineered braces & supports designed to meet your individual need. Actimove Sports Edition helps active people get back on track while Actimove Everyday Supports helps improve mobility and Actimove Arthritis Care helps manage joint pain in arthritis sufferers.
Actimove braces & supports for joints & ligaments benefit from 80 years’ experience in non-invasive orthopedics1 in the hospital, resulting in excellent quality products that are reliable and thoroughly tested. 

No matter where your daily life takes you, we have a product that's right for you.

1 In the market since 1940: the leading Essity Plaster of Paris brand Gypsona®.