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Hypafix® Transparent
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Hypafix® Transparent is a clear, waterproof wide-area fixation tape to reliably secure and protect wound pads and ointment dressings as well as instruments, probes, catheters and measuring devices. It consists of a thin breathable polyurethane film coated with a skin-friendly adhesive that reliably protects against water, bacteria and contaminants, while still providing breathability and a high moisture vapor transmission rate. The extra thin, semi-permeable film is both waterproof and bacteria proof, protecting the patient's primary wound dressing while remaining pliable and stretchable, conforming to body contours like a second skin. The unique application technique with the distinctive red stripe allows easy and quick application. Hypafix® Transparent can be worn in the bath or shower with no additional protection or change of dressings.

  • Breathable - lets the skin breath, reduces risk of maceration
  • Waterproof - allows patient to shower and bath
  • Transparent - allows visual inspection of wound environment
  • Bacteria-proof - reduces the risk of infections
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Ref. No. Size Rolls per inner/outer
7237800 Hypafix Transparent 5cm x 10m 1/12
7237801 Hypafix Transparent 10cm x 10m 1/12
7237802 Hypafix Transparent 15cm x 10m 1/12
7237803 Hypafix Transparent 10cm x 2m 1/12