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Actimove® Ankle Braces Series (TaloCast, TaloCast Air & TaloCast AirGel)
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Anatomically shaped stabilizer that secures the upper ankle joint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports pain relief through the stabilization of the upper ankle joint preventing inversion and eversion.
  • Allows for normal gait thanks to unrestricted flexion and plantarflexion.
  • Reliable and easy to adjust heel strap and cushioned inner foam padding (TaloCast).
  • Adjustable air cells for compression and a reliable and easy to adjust heel strap (TaloCast Air).
  • Adjustable air cells for compression and optional cold therapy for extra pain relief (TaloCast AirGel).

Fields of application:

  • Ligament and capsule injuries at the upper ankle joint (e.g., ligament ruptures, strains, distortions)
  • Slight soft tissue injuries
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Rehabilitation and prevention of ankle injuries
  • Acute, chronic, and inflammatory edema

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